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Wearable Tech Expo 2013 Highlights Augmented Reality

wearable tech expo2013 is drawing to a close, but there are still tech events in Los Angeles that are trying to squeeze in before the Holidays.  Just last week the Wearable Tech Expo was held in LA, and it’s exactly what the name would suggest.  Wearable tech is a field that is rapidly developing as people throughout the world are literally becoming more and more attached to their tech devices.  The Expo gave attendees a glimpse into the future of wearable tech from ‘smart glasses’ to ‘smart watches’ and a topic that is of particular interest to Neon Roots – augmented reality.
Leaders of wearable tech including Adidas, Epson, PLT Labs, Vuzix and many others were on hand as guest panelists and keynote speakers, but the most interesting event at the Expo was a competition which gave developers  8 minute blocks to demonstrate their latest innovations.  HzO took home Best in Show for a development that will most likely be a necessity for all future wearable tech.   They’ve developed a liquid-resistant nano-coating that will protect wearable tech from rain, sweat, and your idiot friend who just spilled a beer on you.

The earliest examples of wearable tech were first developed for the sports and fitness industry like those clunky heart rate monitors you’d slap on your wrist.  Now companies like Hexoskin are developing ‘smart garments’ that have sensors within the fabric that monitor body metrics for review on your smart device.

wearable tech expoThe wave of wearable technologies is incredibly impressive, especially those that are integrating augmented reality (AR).  At Neon Roots we’ve helped develop AR apps for companies like Disney Parks and Estee Lauder, so we’re always excited to see new uses and applications.  At this year’s Wearable Tech Expo the award for Best Advanced Technology went to Sulon Technologies.  They’ve developed a head-mounted video game console that uses advanced augmented reality to create an immersive experience that seemingly puts players ‘inside’ the game by transforming physical spaces into explosive game environments.

If you missed this year’s Wearable Tech Expo you can catch the next one at the Kimmel Center in New York City on July 23-24.