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Waza 2013: Collaborating With Experts

Our two co-founders, Ben and Drew, are at the one-day Waza conference in San Francisco.  The event, organized by Heroku, sold-out to an enthusiastic crowd ready to learn, listen, and ask questions to industry experts such as Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto, the creator of the Ruby language, and Jacob Kaplan-Moss, one of the lead developers and co-creator of Django.

The speaker sessions at Waza have been standing-room-only as programmers, hackers, and inventors gather to talk shop.  The buzz at the conference is definitely not all code-speak but has a strong pull toward the inherent artistic nature and crafted technique that comes from creating in this industry.  The spirit of collaboration and building powerful ideas feels foundational here at Waza and we wish it were longer than a one day affair.  A few pics from the front lines:



Creative Commons Jacob Kaplan-Moss of Django at Waza” by hirodusk is licensed under CC BY 2.0