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VW Uses Augmented Reality For Their Electric Car

How far can a VW Electric Golf travel in a day using the same amount of power as your fridge?  3.1 km.

Sure, Volkswagen could have wrote that down on a pamphlet or published it to their twitter account but they did something way more creative.  VW built an augmented reality app called the “Electric Cafe” to introduce and market their electric powered Golf car in China.  The augmented reality app uses AR markers based on common household appliances such as a fridge, blender, and Mac computer.  When an iPhone or iPad is pointed at any of the markers, it triggers an augmented reality experience showing how far you could drive an electric Volkswagen on the same amount of power it takes to run that appliance.

This augmented reality app uses fairly simple yet still captivating graphics that include the VW electric car cruising along ithrough pinball-esque images and spiral loopty loops.  Check out this video of the AR app by VW.