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U.S. Election Live Infographic By

Have you checked out the U.S. Election Live Infographic powered by Marketing Cloud and the platform? We helped build it!




Rootstrap also built a Social Media Command Center for’s Dreamforce 2012 conference in San Francisco.  The command center pulled data from social media conversations surrounding the event and displayed the information on large viewing screens for attendees. The real-time visualizations allowed Dreamforce and their customers to actively participate in a group conversation while being able to see what was being talked about and who was saying it.

The Social Media Command Center was built to easily access, respond, and measure your brand and your customers across the web.  The goal is to harness the streaming information of multiple social media outlets enabling you to know what your customers are saying, respond rapidly to trending topics, and create strategies using valuable metrics about user demographics. We don’t just show you the data that’s important, we visualize your business in the present moment.

With more than 100,000 tweets being sent every minute and 53% of active social networkers following a brand, harnessing the future of your business is imperative. The Social Media Command Center by Rootstrap makes the fast paced world of new media manageable and valuable. Our technology specialists will provide support throughout the entire process from establishing your business goals to fine tuning the flow of social media information.  For more info, drop us a note.

Creative Commons Vote” by theresasthompson is licensed under CC BY 2.0