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The Social Ad Generator: The Latest In Our String Of Collaborations With

What ingredients make up a successful social ad campaign? Careful planning, creativity, well executed strategy…yeah, you’ll need those. But nothing is quite as important as the social ads themselves!Screen-Shot-2013-05-09-at-6.51.41-PM-300x248.png

The Social Ad Generator gives social marketers, copywriters, or just Salesforce fans a chance to piece together their own Facebook or Twitter ads and share the final product with their friends. After selecting whether to create a Facebook or a Twitter ad, users piece together custom social ads through a series of pre-populated copy options. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud team provided some fun choices for each essential component of a social ad: social account, ad copy, call to action, and image. At the end of it all, users are left with a shareable version of their custom ad.Screen-Shot-2013-05-09-at-6.50.42-PM-300x42.png

When the Salesforce Marketing Cloud team came to us with the opportunity to get involved with the Social Ad Generator, we jumped at the chance. Their service tracks multiple social ad campaigns from one easy-to-use platform. Literally hundreds of campaigns can be controlled via, and strategic features allow users to pinpoint their target audience, automatically increase exposure to top converting ads, and much more.

The Social Ad Generator is our latest in a long line of recent collaborations with Salesforce, including work on their Social Media Command Centers (the latest of which will be a permanent fixture in their San Francisco headquarters!).

Visit the Salesforce Facebook page today to create your own social ads!