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The Opportunity Behind On-Demand Apps

From the latest movies at the push of a button to ice cream cones delivered to your door, the on-demand economy has found a solid home in the public’s daily expectations of products and services. The notion of waiting weeks or even days for an item to arrive in the mail has becoming increasingly unpopular with consumers as the practice of same-day delivery services becomes the goal across industries. In fact, recent studies show not only the growing requests for fast delivery to consumers but the opportunity for businesses to tap into these emerging services.  

  • In a November 2014 poll by the global consulting firm Accenture, one-quarter of internet users were willing to pay $10 or more for same day delivery service and 22% would pay $20 or more to get their items within 2 hours of ordering.  
  • In a September 2014 study, PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 61% of participants would be willing to purchase same-day delivery options in relation to a free basic delivery option.  

So what does that mean for your existing business or the idea you’ve been thinking of developing into your next venture? It presents a unique way to stand out from the competition and also offer a higher level of service to the growing customer base seeking on-demand services when they make a purchase. In terms of development, this doesn’t mean you have to reconfigure your entire delivery system or build a complex infrastructure into your existing website or app. Recently, APIs through established on-demand services like Postmates and Uber are available for developers to tap into and easily implement into a website/mobile app interface to provide timely delivery/pickup services. The best part about this type of integration is that the brand recognition and trust that have been built through these popular on-demand services are available to your business. This isn’t about reinventing the wheel but about seizing growth opportunities within a fast moving public demand.  

The key to successfully integrating on-demand services into your business is create an easy and pleasant experience for the customer. Clunky and confusing coding or designs will not build the confidence needed to attract the loyal customer base of on-demand users. On-demand models have the added responsibility to delivery on deadline every time. That is what the customer is willing to pay for. If a customer orders an on-demand ride to the airport, your promise is to get them to their flight on time. With that additional level of service, there is a lot that can be built and customized for on-demand services making this a seamless and successful component to your business.

Whether you are a local restaurant wanting to increase your reach through faster, wider take-out delivery services or a multi-national hotel chain wanting to cater to the on-demand needs of your guests, there is a huge opportunity available to your business with on-demand delivery apps.

Take a deeper look into our research in the on-demand industry. Not sure where to start? We can help, get in touch.

Photo Credit: Victor J. Blue


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