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The NOWL App Can Help You Decide What To Do In Los Angeles (HINT: It’s Hang Out With Snoop Dogg)

As a mobile development shop located right here in Los Angeles, the City of Angels is our home base.  For those unfamiliar with the city, and hell, even those that have lived here their whole lives, the sprawling metropolis can be overwhelming.  There’s never a shortage of things to do here, but sometimes when you have too many choices, you end up not making a choice at all.  The NOWL app is her to help you cut through the clutter – oh, and they want to help you meet Snoop Dogg, so there’s that, too.

nowl appNeon Roots recently collaborated with Serendipitous Inc., to develop the NOWL app for iOS.  The NOWL app’s mission statement is to ‘Bring the world together now’ – a lofty goal, but they’re doing their damndest to make it happen.

The app allows you to ask questions that can be answered anywhere, by anyone, so you can find out what’s happening at that very moment.

  • What’s going on now?
  • What’s the style now?
  • How long is the wait now?
  • How busy is it now?
  • Who’s performing now?
  • How’s the weather now?

Catch the theme?  It’s about NOW.  Right now.  It’s all about helping you live in the moment.  Instant updates, right to your mobile device, just by asking questions.  So you ask a questions about a location, about anything, and any user with NOWL can answer as long as they’re within 125 meters of the spot.

How Does Neon Roots Fit Into This?

Our Los Angeles mobile app development shop partnered with Serendipitous to bring this high-level idea to life.  Using years of experience in location-based apps, we were there to make sure the app functioned at the highest speed possible.  The questions and answers had to be nearly instantaneous.  Remember it was all about NOW.  Plus, we made it look cool as hell, too.

nowl appnowl appnowl app

More Importantly, How Does Snoop Dogg Fit Into This?

Throughout February, NOWL is giving users the exclusive opportunities to see Snoop Dogg in concert.  They’ve already given out passes to go to Snoop’s Grammy party with a private performance.  Now their giving away passes to DJ Snoopadelic this Fat Tuesday in the Gaslamp District in San Diego.

nowl app

Each week the winner is chose by whoever gains the most followers in 5 days.  To learn more just head HERE.   And to get the NOWL App and stay up-to-the-second updated on everything LA go HERE.  Oh, and hurry up.  Remember it’s all about NOW.