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The NFL And Augmented Reality

Pro sports teams have grabbed on to augmented reality and are running with it.  The NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles have released their season tickets with a bonus feature: an augmented reality app and individual content for each ticket.  It works in three simple steps:

1) Download the Eagles Official Mobile App.
2) Launch the app on your mobile device.
3) Hover your device over the individual tickets.

The tickets will have unique content specific to that game.  Video highlights, messages from the team, and game analysis are all possible bonus material available with the new augmented reality feature.

“We are always trying to provide new features and experiences for our fans,” Eagles president Don Smolenski said. “We think there’s a real wow factor when season ticket holders hold their smartphones over these tickets and watch them come to life, launching videos that showcase some of our fans’ favorite players.”

The Eagles’ jump into augmented reality shadows another technology savvy NFL team, the New York Giants.  On the heels of their Super Bowl win, the Giants introduced an augmented reality app that allowed fans to “try on” their championship rings and virtually pose with their trophies.

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