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The New MySpace: Back from the Dead?

Tech publications from across the Internet are all shouting it from their Twitter feeds: MySpace is back!

Well, it’s trying to come back. And so far, it’s been doing one heck of a job.

The stigmatized, once left for dead social media channel is now accepting its first batch of early re-adopters. And everyone agrees (literally, everyone agrees) that the new design is nothing short of beautiful.

The New MySpace features a chillingly sleek horizontal navigation, which takes advantage of the grid system that Pinterest made cool. Friending is comparable to Twitter, where users follow one another and hope people follow back. And in typical social media fashion, it features chat and a place to post your photo albums (which MySpace calls “Mixes”).

Where MySpace really seeks to differentiate itself though is with its music integration. Even when MySpace was shunned from society, it was still a viable and acceptable way for bands to promote themselves. Appropriately, the new design seeks to make music sharing and listening social. Similar to Spotify, users can listen to and upload music, and share playlists with their friends. The MySpace music player features nifty “discovery apps” to help users learn more about related artists, and reviews and editorial content exist all within the site. There’s also radio and a section to organize your music videos. It’s almost like a marriage between Facebook, Spotify, and Pandora…in which case a user would have no reason to ever not be on MySpace.

All this talk of “The New MySpace,” even if it really is as great as everyone says it is, still leaves many skeptical. I mean, this is MySpace we’re talking about here. MYSPACE! There are literally thousands of middle schoolers who used to be too depressed to go to school after they were kicked out of their supposed best friend’s “top eight.” And who could forget all those “helpful tips” for everyone’s first friend, Tom?

Whether you’re a lover or a hater, or even if you just don’t care, MySpace is worth a second look. Yes, it’s made some mistakes in the past, but it’s learned from those mistakes. It’s taken the best elements of everything we love about social media and packaged it into one ridiculously well designed site. A little skepticism is always healthy, but it’s also important to remember that we all deserve a second chance. Even MySpace.

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