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The Merging Of Advertising And Augmented Reality

Christina Sirabian of Business 2 recently wrote an interesting post on the merging of augmented reality and advertising.  By discussing GQ magazine’s new augmented reality technology embedded in its printed product, she pointed out the movement of businesses to explore print-to-mobile developments.  Sirabian noted, “Augmented reality has the possibility to bring new forms of creativity to things that people may otherwise find stale.”

As we continue to develop and work with our clients on augmented reality projects, we continuously expand our boundaries of possibilities.  The reach of augmented reality goes beyond enhanced advertising and into much more broader realms of communication and interaction with both the physical worlds and virtual experiences.  The potential for augmented reality is as limitless as technology itself bridging into healthcare, art, interior design, and much more.  With popular companies such as Ikea beginning to work diligently with augmented reality tools, it’s a sure sign of the growing momentum for this powerful technology.

Read Christina Sirabian’s post here.

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