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The Little People In Programming

Does size matter in the field of programming and developing companies?   Well… no.  Sure, if you have a huge company with thousands and thousands of employees you can probably do whatever you want.  Because chances are you already have someone on your payroll that’s good at what you need to get done.

But (and this is a big but), that employee probably doesn’t feel a sense of belonging within the company, or maybe even a true sense of pride in the final product.  Their work is never going to reach the level of a dedicated, small group of employees who work directly with the client to develop custom designed products.

So, how do you make everybody in the company care about the final product?  How do you motivate the “little people” in the company?  And what makes Rootstrap different?


First off, we’re a small company.  We have two offices on two separate continents with a total of about fifteen employees.  We’re a progressive product development shop specializing in custom web/mobile solutions.

And secondly… we believe in the little people.

You might think this just sounds nice, but isn’t practical.  But the reality is, I am one of those little people, and I still feel important.   Let me explain.  First of all, at Rootstrap we have no secretaries.  Why?  Well, because a secretary is an expendable position within a company.  Not to knock all the wonderful secretaries in the world, but most people with some sharp organization skills can fill that role.  This means when a secretary doesn’t do their job, they can be replaced without too much headache.

Now comes the interesting part.

What if you get an office manager instead? And what if you give that office manager the opportunity to study design and/or programming?  We make sure our team members like what they do, and we keep on educating them.   We make every member invaluable.

They feel like part of the company, they feel a sense of ownership, and they actively work to better themselves as well as the project.  Everybody takes an active part in making sure the final product is the very best we can achieve.

Choose each team member with care. Create a group that not only works well together, but who actually enjoys spending time together. This sparks an ambience that makes working not only fun but also incredibly productive.  Have the core team working this way.  Then, hire architects and seniors as freelance, making sure you get specialists for each project you work on.

And that my friends is a great way to begin.