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The Apps You NEED To Make It Through The Holidays

Christmas carols have overtaken the radio, Starbucks is doling out their cheery red cups, and the Salvation Army bell ringers are firmly planted outside of every shopping mall in America. Yes, it’s official, the holiday season is in full swing.

And with only a few days left until Santa invades the homes of literally billions, the thought of the holidays might seem, to some, overwhelming. Many of us will spend time with family, others will be traveling, or cooking. There’s sure to be a “hilarious” story about some river rafting trip gone horribly awry from that weird cousin we all have—how will we make it through the holidays alive?

As with every problem in life, the best solution usually comes from some sort of mobile app (right?). The holidays are no different. Mashable recently released their top 12 apps to get you through the holidays, and here are the greatest hits.

Pickie Gifts

Don’t know what to get for your best friend? Your significant other? Your mailman (yes, people give gifts to their mail carrier)? Pickie Gifts has you covered. It uses social media information to thoroughly stalk your target and deliver gifting options based on their online activity. Pickie Gifts takes online data mining to whole new level, only this app uses its powers for good. And, it gives you an array of pricing options so you have the ability to choose exactly how much love you plan on spreading this holiday season.


Decide takes the guesswork out of shopping, so you’re not constantly worrying, “Could I have gotten a better deal?!” Users simply scan an items bar code, and Decide gives you prices of similar items and uses a precise algorithm to help you predict when and if the price will drop. Decide’s own team gives the app an accuracy rating of 77 percent…in grade school terms that’s a “C+.” Sounds like a passing grade to me!

Holiday Recipes and Party Planning Guide, by Food 52

Food 52’s party planning app, which is actually much better than its clunky name would imply, awakens the party planner inside us all. With everything from customizable recipes to video tutorials on the nitty-gritty of event planning, Food 52 makes sure every guest will be asking you to do their next event. Plus, the app’s “Entertainment Handbook” dishes out 15 complete menus, strategies, and party planning survival skills to help you keep a level head when one of the caterers east the last stuffed olive (yikes!).

Christmas RADIO

The holidays are nothing without the carols, and to make sure mothers across the world have the opportunity to sing along with Frank Sinatra, the Christmas RADIO app busts out hit after holiday hit. This app plays all your favorite holiday classics, even when you’re beyond sick of hearing them. Nothing says holiday nervous breakdown like Kenny G blowing away to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.” Pump the jamz Christmas RADIO!