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Techweek Wraps Up In Chicago, Comes To Los Angeles In November

Started in 2011, Techweek has become one of the country’s largest conferences to highlight new tech and startups.  According to the organization themselves, their mission is to “showcase, celebrate and enable emerging innovation ecosystems” by bringing together visionaries, entrepreneurs and thought leaders for a “week long celebration of all things tech.”  That’s a mission that any Los Angeles development shop should be able to get behind.


The conference began three years ago in Chicago but has since branched out to other major cities.  At the end of last month, however, they brought Techweek back to their home city.  So what did the Chicago conference unleash?

  • Hailo – Hailo is a cab-calling mobile app designed for users in Toronto, New York, Boston and of course, Chicago.
  • Yappem – Yappem is a review rewards system that allows you to evaluate a brand without being skewed by biased or fake reviews.  It’s bringing a social aspect to reviewing brands by building a trusted community.
  • WeDeliver – WeDeliver allows merchants to get instant quotes based on transport methods (walking, biking, vehicle).  Working with high-end shops in Chicago, WeDeliver intends to do for delivering what Uber has done for ride-sharing.

techweekTechweek may have wrapped up in Chicago, but it’ll be coming right here to Los Angeles in November.  There’s a huge list of main stage topics that you can attend including speakers from IBM, Brightedge, Invested.In, Misfit Wearables, IGN, Wired Magazine, Myspace and many others.

There’s also a LAUNCH competition where 50 startups will compete for over 50K in cash prizes.  For those that like to mix their tech with a bit of flair there will be a FashionTECH runway show.  And if you’re looking for a career in tech there is also a massive Hiring Fair.

All in all, there are enough events, expos, workshops, and speakers to make it worth your while.  Get more info HERE and decide for yourself.

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