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TechCrunch Talks To Karl House About Veteran Rootstrap Startup FanBread

Our Los Angeles mobile development shop gets the chance to work with a lot of bright entrepreneurs, men and women that have a strong vision for a startup or product and need someone to help them realize it. That’s why we created Rootstrap. We’re sure you’ve heard us talk about it a lot, but we’re going to talk about it some more.

Rootstrap is an idea incubator, an inception process that helps Product Owners map a blueprint for the creation of their product. It’s a vital part of the development process, and it works. How do we know it works? Because we have the success stories to back it up. FanBread is one of those success stories.

Popular tech news site TechCrunch recently spoke with FanBread founder Karl House. Here are some of the highlights of what they had to say about the Rootstrap veteran.


If you’re big on YouTube or Vine or whatever, a startup called FanBread aims to help you make money — specifically by building and monetizing a website of your very own.


At FanBread, [Karl] House said he’s turning the successful strategies he saw at Smosh into an “influence accelerator” product.

“We look at influencers very much as a publisher,” he said. “They’ve done the hard work of building a social footprint, but the vast majority of them don’t have an owned-and-operated property.”


FanBread can also help these influencers make money through native, mobile and video advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. Asked about Niche (recently acquired by Twitter) and other social media ad companies, House suggested he aims to build something that’s “truly a platform,” allowing advertisers to work with many more creators and publishers, rather than just a few big names.


The full article over at TechCrunch is definitely worth a read. Karl House gives a lot of great insight into what makes FanBread so special. He’s also previously spoken on his experience with Neon Roots and Rootstrap.

fanbread“Ben, Drew, and the Neon Roots team really came through for me. With the Rootstrap process, I was able to identify FanBread’s key product features and explore potential roadblocks before building. At the end of the two week process, I had mocks, user stories, and the core building blocks to develop with confidence. I highly recommend Ben and the Neon Roots team for any company looking to take an innovative product to market.”
-Karl House

To learn more about Rootstrap and to get more success stories like FanBread head to the Rootstrap site and poke around for a bit.



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