location based apps

2014 is coming to a close and the year saw a lot of new and exciting trends in mobile development. Of course, as a Los Angeles product development team, we’re always looking ahead, and if you’re a tech entrepreneur striving for success with your new product, you should be, too. So let’s have a look at one of the trends that will likely define mobile tech in 2015.

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product development

It’s understandable to have the notion that a bigger team could get a project done faster. More hands means more work and more work means more gets done, right? Well, that’s not the case when it comes to product development. Efficiency in product development comes from small, independent teams.

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idea development

We talk a lot about the ins and outs of product development, especially those stages that bring the product to life and test its viability – things like wireframes, user stories, visual mockups, market research, etc. But it’s important to never get too far away from what is not only the very first aspect of product development but what is probably the most exciting part for you as an entrepreneur. The BIG IDEA

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You can do everything right, but you’re still going to experience a bit of scope creep during your product development… it’s just part of it. Fortunately, as a product owner, it’s something that will be well managed if you’ve chosen the right development team. They’re kind of like your project’s Van Helsing.

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pirsuit app

We were fortunate enough to be on the ground floor for the development of Pirsuit, an online reference guide that ranks the world’s best restaurants and dishes by category, all in one place. Pirsuit would remove the need to spend time researching places to eat by having a knowledgeable user-base contribute to the guide while a team of editors moderated for accuracy.

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