The first step, the backbone of Arbor, is user stories. We’ve gone in-depth on what user stories are in a previous Rootstrap post “What, Who & Why Of User Stories.” That’s a good place to get the nuts and bolts of how user stories work and the simple template for getting them on paper:

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mobile app prototyping

Mobile app prototyping has become an essential tool in product development. With a working prototype, Product Owners get a better sense of what their app will look like – in their hands, not just their heads. A PO can understand and agree or disagree with what’s being developed.

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The small team of UCSD students that developed USKey include founder/CEO Delara Fadavi, founder/CTO Danee Kenyon, COO and chief marketer Aditi Gupta, and hardware and software developer Jorge Landaverde. They participated in the RECESS Pitch Contest where they made it to the semi-finals in downtown Las Vegas at the annual Up Summit conference.

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So why is wireframing important when approaching a new product like a website or mobile app? Wireframing is only one facet of Rootstrap, but we don’t stop at napkin sketch wireframes, you’re going to get project ready designs. So, if you’re ready to see your idea come to life, contact us today.

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