Product Strategist

mobile app business plan

Not considering your users when developing your app is absolute failure before launch. With app development, success is directly correlated to the marketplace. It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many Product Owners only have their own interest in mind and forget they’re developing something for others besides themselves. They choose ego over hard facts, research, and numbers. Don’t do that.

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startup consultant

You’ve got an idea for a new product, a new startup venture. Who do you talk to? Obviously, the first people you’ll want to run to and brag about are those closest to you – friends, family, the UPS man, whoever. At this point you’re looking for encouragement, for validation, and you’ll get it. After you’re nice and inflated, you’ll need to talk with someone who can actually help take your idea to the next level – that’s where the Los Angeles startup consultant comes in.

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creepy apps

Not all apps are created equal and as Cracked.com recently showed us, some are created by total creeps. As Los Angeles product strategists whose business it is to help product owners decide if their mobile app is worth building, it’s important to know why some fail. So where did these apps go off the rails from well-intentioned to unintentionally disturbing?

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