Product Owner


Nearly every Product Owner is different, for better or for worse. But there’s one type that tends be a bigger pain in the ass than others. This is the paranoid PO, the one that is convinced that everyone is out to get them, the one that thinks every wants to steal their idea. These are the ones that carry around non-disclosure agreements like a proud father carrying pictures of his kids. But as product strategists we’re here to say that NDAs aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

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miss america

In 2014, Rootstrap worked with the Miss America Foundation to develop a mobile application that would allow fans to interact with contestants and compete for amazing prizes like VIP passes to the big event. You can learn about Miss America’s road to developing a fun, engaging mobile app through Rootstrap at our CASE STUDIES page.

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mobile app storyboarding

You’re a visionary. You have an amazing idea for a mobile app right there inside your head. And while it’s up there, everything about it sounds great. Visions are one thing, however, reality is another. It’s not until you get your idea down on paper that it can truly be visualized, for better or for worse. That’s where mobile app storyboarding comes in.

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mobile app mvp

You have an idea for a new mobile app. Now maybe you don’t know how to build it, but you know how you’d like for it to look, work, etc. You’re an idea guy or girl. You’re a dreamer – we like those. As a dreamer, you’ve probably fantasized about the launch of your app, the big reveal, that monumental moment that it’s placed in the hands of users and everything changes. That launch, however, will probably look different than you expect… and it should because you should be considering your mobile app MVP.

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product development

It’s understandable to have the notion that a bigger team could get a project done faster. More hands means more work and more work means more gets done, right? Well, that’s not the case when it comes to product development. Efficiency in product development comes from small, independent teams.

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