Product Development

startup killer

There’s a lot stacked against you as an entrepreneur. Around every corner is a startup killer, ready to take everything away, leaving you and your new business in the dirt. But if you recognize these threats, you can avoid them and step out of the darkness, safe and sound, hand-in-hand with your successful startup.

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Nearly every Product Owner is different, for better or for worse. But there’s one type that tends be a bigger pain in the ass than others. This is the paranoid PO, the one that is convinced that everyone is out to get them, the one that thinks every wants to steal their idea. These are the ones that carry around non-disclosure agreements like a proud father carrying pictures of his kids. But as product strategists we’re here to say that NDAs aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

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startup consultant

You’ve got an idea for a new product, a new startup venture. Who do you talk to? Obviously, the first people you’ll want to run to and brag about are those closest to you – friends, family, the UPS man, whoever. At this point you’re looking for encouragement, for validation, and you’ll get it. After you’re nice and inflated, you’ll need to talk with someone who can actually help take your idea to the next level – that’s where the Los Angeles startup consultant comes in.

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product development

If you have an idea for a new product (and you’re doing it right), you’re looking to solve a problem for consumers. Maybe you have an idea for an app that you’re 100% sure has a home in the marketplace. That’s great, that’s what successful product development is all about, but what you also need to realize is that you’re not telling consumers what they want or need, you’re being informed by them.

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mobile app development

Mobile apps can be pretty unpredictable. It’s difficult to know exactly what is going to be a hit. It’s a little bit easier to determine what is going to be a flop. As Los Angeles mobile app developers, we’ve ridden the rollercoaster that is development, and we’ve managed to have a lot of success doing so. What we’ve learned to do is spot trends.

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