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Can Storycarding Tell Me If My Idea Will Be Successful?

Whether a development idea came to you in a flash of inspiration or has been labored over for weeks, even months, chances are you want to see it come to life.  But before you start dreaming about how much money it’ll bring in, you need to ask yourself a serious question:  Will my idea by successful?

Now, you probably answered that question the moment you came up with your idea.  Of course it’s going to be successful. That’s why I thought of it!  But how can you be sure?  Right now it’s just an idea in your head.  It needs to be challenged and vetted.  It needs a concrete plan of action.

936809_460669790683403_1661576358_n-300x225.jpgThinking about the money it could make is all well and good, but you have to remember that you’re going to be spending money before you ever see a dime.  We’re talking thousands of dollars in development.  If a product comes out the other end that isn’t as successful as you’d hoped, that’s money you’ll never see again.

The success of your idea doesn’t have to be a guessing game though.  That’s the core of Storycarding at its most basic.  It’s getting you at a table with seasoned veterans of project development for an open and honest assessment of your big idea.  Before the project roadmaps, before the agile user stories, you’re going to know, plain and simple, whether your idea is viable, whether it will truly be successful.

You’ll be left with either the confidence of knowing your idea is winner or an informed understanding of why it wasn’t, which is ultimately better than being out thousands of dollars.