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Social Media Marketing Tips To Take You From Novice To Pro

In the good old days of social media, a users biggest concern was deciding whether or not to post that album from last week’s beach excursion. Today however, it seems as if social media is all business. Companies and corporations are taking advantage of the billions of people who use social media, as Facebook, Twitter, and the multitude of other social media platforms are being used as marketing tools to reach a large audience of potential customers.

Because of the corporate invasion, social media success can be whittled down to a science. The experts have data on everything from best posting times to optimum number of re-tweets, and if you’re a self-learner, the resources on social media marketing tools are endless.

So whether you’re a multi-national corporation, a small business, or a teenage girl with a fashion blog, here are some surefire social media marketing tips to help your content go viral.

Timing is everything

Think about when you’re most prone to check Facebook or Twitter. Probably when your attention at work starts to fade.  It’s no surprise that most re-tweets occur at 5pm—precisely when people are least motivated to work, or have just finished up. As for the day, most re-tweets occur on Wednesday, the doldrums of the week—when Monday feels like a distant memory, and the weekend is far enough away that you feel it’s alright to procrastinate.

So if you’re looking to get the most out of your tweets, Wednesday at 5pm is your best bet. Check out this all-inclusive infographic from KissMetrics. It goes deep into social media stats you didn’t even know were possible to track. And if you’re needing some more guidance, Dan Zarella has a pretty snazzy webinar.

Persistence Matters

If at first they don’t re-tweet, tweet, tweet again. Twitter was made for people on-the-go with short attention spans. No one is going to care if you tweet the same link twice. There are over 500 million users on twitter, and most are following a large number of people at once. Once a tweet passes through someone’s newsfeed, that’s it—as far as that person’s concerned it’s gone (unless they use lists or get help from an app like Tweet Deck…but this is not the majority).

So, by tweeting multiple times a day, the only people you’re going to annoy are the ones who spend all day starring at a Twitter news feed. And do you really want to worry about them anyways?

Speed, Speed, Speed

Social media is all about momentum. The more “likes” or re-tweets you get in an hour, the better. Nobody puts value on Youtube comments from 2003…even if there’s five thousand of them. Facebook is especially cognizant of this, as a high number of “likes” per hour means your post is seen by more people. And in case you were wondering, yes, you can buy “likes” on Facebook. Money can’t buy you Facebook stardom, but some strategically bought “likes” can get you the momentum you need to shoot compelling content out into the right hands.

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