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What Can A Social Media Command Center Do For You?

Dreamforce 2013 has wrapped up this week in San Francisco.  Rootstrap was on hand at the four-day conference with the event’s custom social media command center.  So what’s the benefit of one of these command centers and what can they do for your company or industry event?

A social media command center (SMCC) is a dedicated area where a social media team can monitor and engage in social conversations.   This area can range from just a few desks in a small room to a massive high-tech centerpiece.   Since Dreamforce puts a lot of emphasis on connecting with customers through social media, it was only appropriate that their command center be an eye-catching and state-of-the-art showpiece.

So what are the benefits of a social media command center?  The most obvious benefit is the streamlined connection it gives a company to its customers.  It gives you the ability to monitor, in real-time, the social health of your brand through constant customer engagement.  A SMCC can also give you an updated view on how your brand is being perceived around the world.  That instantaneous snapshot allows you to respond immediately to any public relation issues.   All in all, you should be the first to know what people are saying about your company.

A social media command center can be a direct line to the evolution of your brand, a tool for innovation, something that can inform your content strategy and development through real-time metrics and insights.  This can help shape the long-term success of your company.

When it comes to industry events, a SMCC can not only help monitor buzz — it can help generate it.  Dreamforce’s social media command center has been a point of fascination for those that have attended.   When the command center was first established, presenters were even giving walk-throughs on the budding technology.  Social media command centers have proven to be an invaluable tool at major industry events and for companies that want instant access to their customers.