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Snoop Dogg Gets Disrupt Buzzing About MERRYJANE

Neon Roots has once again partnered with Snoop Dogg and the Cashmere Agency, this time to develop our most notable accomplishment to date. MERRYJANE may only be in beta, but it’s already catching headlines and promising to be a game-changing media platform.

Snoop Dogg and Cashmere founder Ted Chung were on-hand at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF 2015, one of the largest and most anticipated tech conferences in the country, to formally announce the launch of MERRYJANE. They called it a “premier media platform at the center of cannabis and pop culture.” TechCrunch described it saying, “At its core, Merry Jane is a lifestyle media site with cannabis at the center. Loaded with both video content and editorial content, the site will serve as an information hub for everyone interested in pot, whether it be the n00b or the seasoned smoker.”


While the site won’t be open to the public until October, Snoop has extended a chance for 420 users to get access to the beta version. They also went into some detail about what you can expect from the site including as a variety of video series like cannabis cooking shows, celebrity interviews, and Deflowered – “a groundbreaking interview series that will profile innovative people as they enjoy cannabis.” Below is a preview of the first episode.

It’s not just entertainment, though, it’s also business. Merry Jane will serve as a database on various strains, giving important information and connecting users with nearby dispensaries. Snoop’s cause is also to destigmatize smoking. According to him, “There are so many people in the closet, and we are giving them an opportunity to come out of the closet and just admit they like to smoke. I’m a smoker, my name is Snoop Dogg, and I’m a stoner.”merryjane

Check in often to stay up-to-date on this incredibly exciting new project from Neon Roots.



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