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Six Great Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers

The holiday gift-buying season is here, which means that people all over the world are already stressing out over what to buy for their loved ones. While we can’t dole out any advice on possible gift ideas for the fashion lovers out there, we are highly qualified to issue some ideas for all of your techie friends.

Unshaven, sloppily dressed, always bragging about their “flexible schedules,” the tech nerd that you love might not always be the easiest person to buy gifts for. Here are six great gift ideas for tech lovers, most of which won’t break the bank.


Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Whether you live in a cold climate or just want to be trendy, the touch gloves from Mujjo allow you to use your touchscreen devices, get this, with your gloves still on. No more chilly fingers while texting your BFF where to meet for hot chocolate (though this scenario should never happen in the first place). The oppressive days of cold climate phone usage are over, and it’s all thanks to Mujjo.

The iPhone Ready Case

Finally, an iPhone case that protects an iPhone and can be used to ward off prowlers. The iPhone Ready Case is essentially a tech survival kit, all nestled within the confines of your iPhone case. It has a clip to keep headphones neatly wrapped, a utility knife that slices, dices, and opens beverages, a quick snap lens ring for photography, and a USB drive that doubles as a kickstand. And you get all of this while only adding an extra 3mm to your phone. That’s probably slimmer than the case you’re already using.


The Cable Fondler

No, it’s not a felony offense, it’s a smart product from Open Parachutes that helps eliminate desk clutter. The two piece, simple bamboo wonder gadget attaches to the side of your desk with double stick tape, and provides a handy slot for all your cables to rest. With room for up to five cables, the Cable Fondler will awaken the Feng shui sensei in all of us. And priced at only 15$, it’s the perfect gifting option for any tight-on-cash hipster.

The Bobine Flexible Charger

If most charging cables are boring, then the Bobine is…well, definitely not boring. This flexible metal charging cord doubles as an iPod stand/tripod. The stand is perfect for propping the phone up while cooking, taking group photos that include the friend who usually takes the photos, and recording yourself while singing in front of the TV…among other things. It’s also significantly harder to lose compared with a standard cord. Those things have a reputation for running away.

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Ever spill a piping hot pastrami sandwich all over your keyboard? Or how about that slurpee from 7/11 whose new address is QWERTY? The Logitech washable keyboard is the answer for the fumbler in all of us…or the lesser intelligent who eat pastrami sandwiches and slurpees at their desks. This thing can be completely submersed in water, scrubbed with soap, and back in action after a quick drying. For the germ freaks, or the chronically messy, it’s a must have.

The Taktik by Lunatik

The battle-tested tank of iPhone cases, the Taktik is literally made of aircraft grade aluminum. If you’re looking to make your iPhone as indestructible as it can get, look no further. The Taktik also features a Gorilla Glass front, which not only protects the touch screen while maintaining functionality, but also makes for a great talking point while waiting in line at the airport, “I once sent a text in a hailstorm, I mean what’d you expect with Gorilla Glass!” And arguably the best part about The Taktik? It comes in pink.

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