It was only a week ago that tech news giant TechCrunch did an in-depth write-up on Rootstrap veteran, Fanbread. TechCruch spoke with owner Karl House about the ins-and-outs of Fanbread and what the future holds for the innovative start-up. Always proud of the startups that pass through our doors, we covered the review over at the Neon Roots main site.

Now it seems Fanbread is getting a little bit more love – this time from online video industry news site, VideoInk. So what did they have to say about Fanbread?

“The company builds off the idea that more viewers are finding content online through social than they are through searching, so why not give creators the tools to build websites that they can drive their fans to? The product offers a builder tool that makes it very easy to create web and mobile sites. In addition to their own content, FanBread allows creators to pull in other content in an effort to build an experience that focuses more on community and engagement than simply another distribution pipe.”

You can get the entire write-up by heading over to the VideoInk and checking out the full article titled “FanBread, Which Helps Creators Become Publishers, Launches Out of Stealth”. And another big congrats to Fanbread for generating more buzz.


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