Rootstrap named Top Staff Augmentation Company by Clutch

At Rootstrap, every day we strive to build successful apps, not just great apps. Our developers are considered world-class for a reason—our products help our clients reach their business goals and generate ROI. 

Whether you need an app built from scratch, need your product completely overhauled, or just need a little extra help, Rootstrap gets your project done the right way on the first try. 

You don’t have to take our word on it! We were fortunate enough to be named the Top Staff Augmentation Company worldwide by Clutch, a B2B ratings and review firm. Clutch is an unbiased resource for businesses looking for the best service providers. We wouldn’t have received this honor without our esteemed clients and we’re forever grateful for their support.

Here’s what MasterClass had to say: 

As our partnership with MasterClass has evolved, our team has taken on more and more of their development work. We’ve worked on everything from their website, to improving their SEO, to the backend of their mobile app. 

As a result of our collaboration, MasterClass has hit its revenue goal of $100m ARR in just a few short years of partnering with us.

We’re honored whenever we receive a new review on Clutch because it means that we’re making an impact on our partners’ businesses. We partner with brands that we believe in and are inspired by. So, we don’t just want to give them a functioning product—we want to deliver innovative solutions that help them thrive. 

Another partner of ours commented on how our work has helped grow their business in a recent review, claiming:

“They set us up for success from a usability perspective, making sure the platform was intuitive  . . . We took their best practices and implemented them within our organization.”

Thanks to the feedback from 23 of our most valued partners, we have an average rating of 4.8 stars out of five on Clutch! We appreciate the time it takes for each of partners to leave a review and know that they’re a huge part of our success. 

You can learn more about how each product we create demonstrates business value by visiting our profile on The Manifest. A business news and how-to platform, The Manifest compiles practical business information and provides expert insights that help innovators grow their businesses.

Hit us up on our website to get started on your newest project.

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