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Businesses established to resolve problems of other businesses gain more popularity and have an extra edge than just those engaged in profit-earning activities. Of course, finances always matter, and when you plan to serve a party and also pay the others for the work done, you have to be careful with the money. Here, Rootstrap comes forward with an outcome-driven approach. It benefits digital businesses at any scale. Let us take a look at its journey through the eyes of its CEO – David Jarrett.

An award-winning software development company, Rootstrap develops web and mobile applications for startups, public figures, and publicly traded companies. The company was founded in 2011 in Los Angeles, USA, and also has offices across Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, and other parts of the world. Currently, the office operates remotely, but will be soon open for regular offline working when it is safe to do so. 

In an interview with GoodFirms, David Jarrett, CEO of Rootstrap, shared how the company got established, how it performs in terms of client expectations, and what are his roles and responsibilities within the organization. 

Rootstrap’s main office is in the US and helps enterprises scale people, processes, and products through an outcome-driven approach. The company chooses those projects on which they can leave an impact and it measures its success by the success of its clients. They are trusted by the leading industry specialists like Salesforce, Google, Spotify, MasterClass, and Disney. 

David founded two companies in 2011 and later merged them in 2017 to create Rootstrap. One of them was a digital agency based in Los Angeles and another one was an Uruguay-based web and mobile app development firm. Rootstrap was created when the two companies had to collaborate on the clients’ project delivery. This eventually led to the merger of both and birthing a new company “Rootstrap.” The idea was to combine the best of both worlds and empower Rootstrap to occupy a unique position in the marketplace. David wanted the company to grow at a faster rate, and to work with larger enterprises on increasingly complex assignments.  

With over 250 employees, the company is constantly striving to expand and keep up with the demand from both existing and new clients.

As the CEO of Rootstrap, David is responsible of overseeing the company’s overall operations. The big part of his job includes removing all sorts of bottlenecks for the team members and facilitating a collaborative work environment in the organization. As he asserts, “We believe in the philosophy of servant leadership; my job is to work for our employees, not the other way around”.

As Rootstrap comes with a process-driven approach, David gives all credits to designing and building innovative products for the clients that differentiate the company from its counterparts. He assures that the company aims at delivering high-quality code and services to meet diverse needs and desires to establish long-lasting relationships with their clients. The combination of shared understanding and strategic ailment ultimately helps the company to make better product, design, and take helpful engineering decisions while developing and maintaining software and apps for all types of enterprises. 

David considers the team to be industry-agnostic technologists and claims adaptability as their core value. The company has done a lot of work in the field of education, healthcare, fintech, and consumer-facing platforms. Higher year-over-year retention rates prove the strategic growth partner to its clients. “Some of the specific services they offer are Web & mobile app development, UI/UX design, product strategy and management, DevOps, quality assurance, blockchain, and machine learning. We work both on discrete projects and in a staff augmentation context”, David adds further

The company secures a 100% customer retention rate and has numerous 5-star reviews on their GoodFirms profile page as well as their company website. One of the most influential reviews from a customer to prove their exceptionality in the market is displayed below.

Alexander Berardi Review of Rootstrap

GoodFirms rates Rootstrap as the top website development company in the USA due to their excellent service offerings and exceptional customer support system. The company always remains ready to supply the necessary help and resources to the clients to become successful.

When questioned about the payment structure of the company, David says that the payment structure differs from project-to-project. The minimum budget requirement of the company is $100,000. 

Rootstrap strives to be called “globally recognized digital masters” in the future and plans to expand it in size as well as across numerous countries. Utilizing Blockchain, Machine Learning, and other emerging technologies is also another aim of the company.  

Here concludes the interview of David Jarrett, the CEO of Rootstrap and the detailed interview can be read here.

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