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Latest Project: Digital Domain Media Group

One of our recently completed projects was the development of an enhanced web-presence for Digital Domain Media Group.  Digital Domain Media Group is home to the Academy Award-winning digital production company, Digital Domain Productions. Using their innovative and visually captivating portfolio as inspiration, Rootstrap led the strategic development and launch of the new web-based home for Digital Domain Productions, sister site, and corporate destination site

James Cameron and two business partners founded DDMG in 1993.  Digital Domain has created visual magic for over 80 movies including the blockbusters Titanic, Apollo 13, the Transformers trilogy and TRON: Legacy.  Working with these visionaries was the perfect fit.  As Los Angeles-based interactive content software designers,  Rootstrap has extensive experience working with the entertainment and media industry as well as access to state of the art production studios.  We collaborated with the creative teams at Digital Domain and produced web savvy sites that served to both showcase their artistic work and also act as an information hub with a tangible ease and flow in design and content.  Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think!