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CES 2015: Our Place In The Future of Augmented Reality


For any tech company, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a premier event. This year’s CES will be no different, except that it will be bigger, more elaborate, and get more attention than ever. Two million people will go to the CES to see such things as:

– Smart Homes: Connected in ways that make their upkeep and maintenance automatic.

– Self-Parking Cars: BMW’s Valet system that will let you get out at the entrance while the car goes to find a parking place…and picks you up later wherever you want.

– The Internet of Things: Smart apps everywhere! From phablets to 4K TVs.

– Airdog: Drone + GoPro!

– Portable Robotic Printers

– Oculus VR: Augmented Reality Gaming!

This last one has particular interest for our mobile development shop at Neon Roots. AR Gaming is in its infancy, and we hope to bring it out of the cradle in the coming year. This has been in our wheelhouse for a couple of years now, and we’re anxious to start showing its potential. We believe that AR gaming is the future, and for us the future is now.