When it comes to product development, trust is one of the most important factors.  You’re sitting down with product strategists that are tasked with challenging your idea and creating a pathway to the successful development of your product.  As a product owner, you deserve to have confidence that the professionals in front of you have the expertise and proven track record to back up their strategies and advice.  At Rootstrap, we want you to judge us by the success of the products that have been through our storycarding sessions — because nothing is as powerful as an honest testimonial.

What is Pirsuit?

We were fortunate enough to be on the ground floor for the development of Pirsuitan online reference guide that ranks the world’s best restaurants and dishes by category, all in one place.  Pirsuit would remove the need to spend time researching places to eat by having a knowledgeable user-base contribute to the guide while a team of editors moderated for accuracy.  The end product would be an online food reference guide more complete and definitive than any available by offering a continuously changing database, actively updated on a regular basis, that would make it easy to find the best dining experience at any given moment.

Pirsuit’s creators had identified a problem and their product offered a solution.  People have become increasingly interested in seeking and eating better food.  This service is directed at food enthusiasts who want to discover not only good restaurants, but also those restaurant’s most notable dishes.  Pirsuit’s system of contribution and scrutiny would help users make an informed decision without being bogged-down with a restaurant’s flashy marketing and promotions.

An Innovative Idea is Born

Like all successful mobile/web products, Pirsuit started as a simple idea.  As a traveler, Pirsuit’s creator struggled to find a virtual resource that would consolidate the best and most critically acclaimed restaurants and dishes of all different categories in one convenient place.  After exhaustive research, he would create lists for himself that he would take on his travels to find the very best places to eat.  Sharing these lists with friends and acquaintances that were looking for similar experiences (along with a cultural shift, spurred by social media and mobile devices, which has made people more likely to share where they’ve eaten) sparked the idea.

What if a service was available that ranked all the best restaurants and dishes by category, without restriction to class, in one easy reference guide that you could access wherever you went, whether you’re going on a trip or becoming a food expert in your own city?  And what better name for the journey and pilgrimage people make to seek out experiences than ‘Pirsuit’?  It’s an idea that resonated with us, and we were sure would resonate with users as well.

Pirsuit Comes to Life

An idea is just that until it’s put into the hands of someone who can develop it, and that’s where Rootstrap came in.  Pirsuit was born of an incredibly ambitious vision.  Rootstrap was able to boil Pirsuit down into something reachable for its beginning stages.   Focusing the project on just restaurants for the time being helped to keep Pirsuit from being spread too thin, which could have easily led to its failure.

Rootstrap is designed to help entrepreneurs who may not have extensive knowledge in web technology, making the goals and needs of their product simple and easy to understand.  Through our Rootstrap sessions we were able to streamline Pirsuit to an appropriate scope for the budget by cutting out features that might be too expensive or not useful.  Our initial designs in the early development stages also contributed to the overall navigation of the final site.  The fluidity of our storycarding process made all of this possible while still remaining faithful to the original idea.

The Future of Pirsuit

Even after its launch, Pirsuit will continue to develop and build an easy-to-use and effective service that people will find indispensable when planning a special place to eat.  As Pirsuit proves successful in the world of food, they’ll be expanding their philosophies to other categories that will help travelers and locals find unique and prized experiences around the globe.

Rootstrap worked for Pirsuit, and we’re sure it can work for your idea as well.  Just contact us to find out what storycarding can do for your product.


CEO and Co-founder of Rootstrap Ben Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Rootstrap, a digital development agency with a mission to destroy the development model and rebuild it from the ground up. After a brief correspondence with Fidel Castro at age nine, Ben decided to start doing things his own way, going from busboy to club manager at a world-class nightclub before he turned 18. Since then, Ben has founded or taken a leading role in 5 businesses in everything from software development to food and entertainment.