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Friends In Warm Places: Outsourcing Mobile App Development

You need/want/have to build a mobile app. Your current business either demands it to increase your customer base or you simply have the next million-dollar app idea. For the sake of our story, let’s say you’re living in Los Angeles. It makes perfect sense to look for mobile app developers within shouting distance. You to Google and search – mobile app development los angeles. In fact, try it out. We’ll wait.

Done? Good. Now what you have there is a list of some of the very best mobile app development companies in Los Angeles. And with LA being the huge market it is, these are also some of the very best dev shops in the country. At the top of that search, you’ll find Neon Roots. That’s us. We’re based in Los Angeles. That’s where we meet clients. That’s where we’re headquartered. A good chunk of our team lives here, but that’s not where the majority of our apps are built. For that, we have a team of developers in Montevideo, Uruguay. And that’s what this is really all about –  the benefits of outsourced development and why it’s the best route for your app (hopefully that million-dollar one).

Uncompromised Expertise In Outsourcing

The first thing you have to understand is that outsourcing in no way compromises the quality of your application. In fact, it’s the exact opposite; especially for our company. Uruguay has become an undeniable hub for the world’s top developers as the Uruguayan government is a huge supporter of tech education.

From the Global Delivery Report:

One of the key investments in human capital comes through the country’s active participation in the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program.

“Uruguay each year adds an amount of laptops equal to the number of students entering into primary school,” says Rodrigo Arboleda, chairman and CEO of the One Laptop Per Child Association (OLPCA).

“Having reached total saturation, Uruguay can concentrate on teacher and student training,” says Arboleda. “The country is now making sure that each child and teacher gets the best use of their laptops and of the educational ecosystem that comes with the XOs.”

That’s a focus on tech-literacy that has led to a generation of phenomenally talented and creative developers. We count our team among them. J Add to that incentivizing tax breaks for the IT industry and Uruguay truly is one of world’s best hotspots for new tech and innovative developers.

Saving Money Where It Matters

So in this case, you are outsourcing developers who can keep up with and often outperform those found in your own backyard, but we know what really matters to most app entrepreneurs – the bottom line. Outsourcing to a larger team of developers can save you a ton of money and makes sure that money is spent more efficiently. Instead of lining the pockets of the dev shop, more money goes into the app – the place you want it to go. Now you’re mitigating risks, spending smarter, and giving yourself a better chance at success within your budget.

Best Of Both Worlds In Mobile App Development

Ultimately, you’re looking for the best of both worlds (something we like to think we offer). You want a point of contact that you can communicate with face-to-face. Someone you can work with to create a plan of execution for your app. Then, you get the benefit of having that development done where the talent in unmatched and the costs are lower.

There’s one big factor to consider, though. How close is your point of contact and their developers? Are they openly communicating or is the Los Angeles mobile app development company you found handing everything over to a faceless group of developers and simply waiting for a product to be turned back over. You want both sides of that global team to be a tight knit group, constantly communicating, and constantly collaborating. They should be friends, colleagues, and family. Basically the NR motto.

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