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Our Diverse and Talented Team: Marco

Our employees don’t sit behind screens all day cranking out code.  Our team has a diverse collection of skills and interests outside of work at Neon Roots and we wholeheartedly support their wide range of talents!  Marco, a designer and front-end developer at Neon Roots, also has a passion for racing.  He recently competed in the yearly series called Circuit Showdown which includes both Time Trial / Time Attack races and Grid racing.


This was Marco’s second year participating in the race.  His specialty is in Time Attack racing while his brother takes over the driver’s seat for the Grid racing.  Marco’s racing career is off to an impressive start: “I’ve been finishing in the top 5 of my bracket for this year and was a contender for 2nd/3rd overall, and my brother had several podium finishes in his races.”


Our team at Neon Roots is a tight-knit group and we are grateful to work with people who are not only deeply engaged in our industry but bring that same inspiration to all areas of their life. Congratulations Marco!  Get the inside look at what it’s like to be behind the wheel at the Circuit Showdown with Marco and his brother in the video below.