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Neon Roots Social Media Command Center Video

Have you heard of Social Media Command Centers (SMCC) but not exactly sure what the benefits are or how they work?  Well, we created a quick, new video to give you the scoop on one of our most popular and responsive customized products.

We have built Social Media Command Centers for the 2013 Country Radio Seminar, Dreamforce 2012, Cloudforce Conference 2012, and the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The goal is always specific to the event and the client but the primary focus is connection and metrics.  Conferences and large consumer events can be massive and fragmented but the Neon Roots Social Media Command Center brings together conversations, trending topics, and measurements that stretch across entire demographics. Our Social Media Command Centers allow attendees to participate in real-time social media conversations while allowing our clients to capture valuable branding information and respond to customers instantly.

The Neon Roots Social Media Command Centers are easy to use, accurate to measure, and provide beautiful visualizations of the latest streams of event-specific social media interactions across the web. Check out our new SMCC video and let us know what you think!

SMCC Promotional Video (English) from Neon Roots on Vimeo.