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Rootstrap Redesigns Heroku’s Partnership Website

ll of us at Rootstrap are big fans of the work being done at Heroku. We have been teaming up with Heroku for years on various projects and cheering them on as they expand and succeed in the world of cloud based solutions. Our latest project with Heroku recently launched and we loved working on it! Rootstrap completed the build and redesign for Heroku’s partnership site:

Heroku’s Partner website is the place to find experienced and talented developers to work with on your company’s next big idea.  The partnership program has over 400 experts with a diverse range of specialties.  You’ll not only find the best fit for your project but the process of using the Heroku partnership program is aimed at making the experience seamless and productive.

It’s also a place to share your skills and become part of the Heroku community.  If you’re interested in joining, check out this page for details on all the benefits available to Heroku partners.
When redesigning the partnership site for Heroku, the Rootstrap team jumped right in. We were really excited to work on this project because we know exactly what it is like to interact with clients looking for efficient and creative product development.  We have direct experience carving the path from idea to deployment.  We know that ideas, business plans, and creative passions are just as important as apps, websites, and software.  One of the functions built into the home page is the ability to find a partner based on your specific need. Those results are then easily refined by filtering based on skill, rate, or location.

Finding experienced Heroku partners to work with is easy and informative with the Directory.  The partners are listed on an interactive map and then summarized on individual pages for quick browsing.  Also included are skills summaries and a one-click contact button to reach out to a listed partner.

We are really excited for the success of this program and would love to hear your feedback on the redesign we did for Heroku’s partner site.  Be sure to take it for a test drive here!