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Rootstrap Nine: Nine Questions With Rootstrap’s Resident Master Chef Matias Diaz

Rootstrap has been a Los Angeles-based custom design/development shop for over two years now.  Our roots go back to Uruguay, however, and that’s where we still have some of our most dedicated and talented team members.  On top of doing some amazing work, they’re also pretty amazing people, and we think you should get to know them a little better.

matias diaz So, one-by-one we’ll be dragging these Rockstars out from the behind the scenes and asking them nine questions that just might give you a little bit of insight into what makes Rootstrap a premiere Los Angeles mobile development shop.

First up is our resident mad chef Matias Diaz.  The 23-year-old from Rosario has been feeding the troops at Rootstrap for around 9 months.  When he’s not cooking and creating, he’s with his singer/actress girlfriend, Ines.  But for Matias, being a chef isn’t just his vocation, it’s what he loves… it frees him.

On to the questions!


NR:  What has been your proudest moment at the company?
MD:  Cuando gane el campeonato de X-box!, hacia como una semana que trabajaba en la empresa…
“Winning at X-box my first week here!”


NR:  What has been your proudest moment outside of the company?
MD:  Son varios momentos… cuando me recibí en U.T.U, cuando me independice económicamente, pero creo que seria cuando mi hermana me nombro padrino de mi sobrino, que ya tiene 5 años.
“There are a few things – when I got my degree from the U.T.U, when I became economically independent…but I’d have to say that the proudest was being named the godfather of my 5-year-old nephew by my sister.”


NR:  What are your passion projects outside of Rootstrap?  What are you currently working on?
MD:  Como proyecto personal tengo pensado aprender inglés, Aikido, Fotografía y seguir cuidando de mi Herbario (huerta casera).
“I’d like to learn English, Aikido, and photography, as well as keep taking care of my little patch of land, where I grow vegetables.”

 matias diaz


NR:  Do you have any personal ambitions you haven’t yet obtained?
MD:  Aparte de construir un imperio… viajar por el mundo, para conocer y disfrutar otras culturas; y tener una casa quinta con restaurant que sea lo mas auto sustentable posible, lo mas ECO-FRIENDLY posible.
“Apart from taking over the world…I’d like to travel, get to know other cultures, and to have a house/restaurant which was completely sustainable in an eco-friendly way.”


matias diaz

NR:  Is there anything that you love that everyone else seems to hate?
MD:  MI suegra jajaj!
“My mother-in-law!”


NR:  What is something you don’t think you’ll ever be able to do no matter how hard you try?
MD:  Soy de esas personas que creen que si algo se quiere… se puede lograr.
“I believe that anything that is desired enough can be achieved…”


NR:  What is the weirdest, most irrational fear that you have?
MD:  Miedo .. así como decir miedo… que me entierren vivo.
“Being buried alive.”


NR:  Do you have any hobbies that would surprise us?
MD:  Me gusta hacer malabares, me resulta desestresante.
“I like to juggle.”


NR:  What song would you play for a week straight to torture someone?
MD:  Alguna villeraaaa ahi eeee (riendo e impostando un tono plancha).