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Neon Roots Featured As A Leader In LA App Development – Previous Clients Praise Rootstrap

Neon Roots was recently highlighted by app development ratings firm, Clutch, as a leader among LA App Developers.

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As part of being included in their coverage, Clutch spoke with two clients of ours both who had amazing things to say. Both clients were alums of our Rootstrap program meant to take each client through every step of validating their concept. We research the market and industry, define a clear value proposition with a user-centric, data-driven product foundation, then deliver an MVP that tells you exactly what and how you need to build – before a single line of code is written.

Mobile app development is not cheap, app development costs can be tens of thousands on the low-end and hundreds of thousands on the high end so it is important that founders and startups are confident they have a viable idea and product before making the leap into the actual development process.

neon roots

“Neon Roots is very thorough and responsive. They really vetted the market to see what was out there and not reinvent the wheel. If I had any questions or concerns, or if I wanted to make any additions towards the ultimate framework for the app, they were very accommodating to that. They were supportive in giving me several options for development and potential business contacts. I think they do some unparalleled work, and I didn’t feel like the team just wanted to take my money. There was even some work they provided to me after the project was officially finished.”

— Matt Thomas, Founder, Bond Club Shop

neon roots

Both clients interviewed gave glowing all 5 Star reviews so be sure to check out our full profile, the rest of Neon Root’s reviews, and to learn more about how we were evaluated check out Clutch.



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