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Rootstrap Nine: Nine Questions With Rootstrap Deviantly Divine Developer Damian Cardozo

Our Los Angeles development shop would be nothing without the dedicated ladies and gentlemen putting in the work behind the scenes.  That’s why we’re back to shine a light on another Rootstrap team member.

Many of our development team live and work in Uruguay.  One of them is Damian Cardozo, known around the office as Charly.  The 25-year-old is a home grown resident of Montevideo and while he’s only been on the NR team for a little over six months, he’s already become an invaluable frontend developer.  In other words, he’s the man that makes things looks good.

Let’s get to the questions!

damian cardozoNR:  What has been your proudest moment at the company?
En la compania creo que mi mejor momento fue cuando solucione unos problemas de papeles con la oficina vieja, no es mi tarea habitual, pero soy bueno con las personas .
“At the company, I think solving some paper problems that we had at the older office. It’s not my usual task, but I’m good with people.”


NR:  What has been your proudest moment outside of the company?
Fuera de la compania mi mejor momento fue convertirme en padre.
“Outside the company, my proudest moment was becoming a father.”


NR: Are you married or have a significant other?  Who are they and what do they do?
Estoy casado si … o algo así. Y ademas tengo una hija, su nombre es Luna (Moon on English)
“I’m married, yes, or something like that. And I have a daughter.  Her name is Luna (Moon in English).”


NR:  What are your passion projects outside of Rootstrap?  What are you currently working on?
Ademas de mi trabajo en NR, me gusta boxear, pero el unico proyecto que me dedico con pasión ademas del Trabajo es mi hija.
“Apart from my work at NR, I like Boxing, but the only project that I dedicate with passion apart from my work is my daughter.”

damian cardozo

NR: Do you have any hobbies that would surprise us?
No se.. juego go, juegos de rol, y soy un bajista realmente malo.
“I don’t know. I play Go, I play role games, and I’m a really bad bass player.”


damian cardozoNR:  Is there anything that you love that everyone else seems to hate?
La sensación de que comiste demasiado, ese momento en que la gula supero al estomago.
“The sensation that you have eaten too much, that moment when the gluttony exceeds the stomach.”


NR: If a 13-year-old version of yourself saw you today what would they say to you?
Probablemente se moriría de risa, yo seria mi propio enemigo.jejeje
“He probably would die laughing.  I would be my worst enemy. jejeje.”


NR: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Hay solo dos maneras de hacer las cosas: bien y … bien.
“There are only two ways to do things: The right way… and the right way.”


NR:  What song would you play for a week straight to torture someone?
DC:  Una cancion para torturar a alguien … hay muchas pero creo que algo loco como esto
“A song to torture someone…. there is a lot, but I think it will be something crazy like this one:”