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MobileBeat 2013 Next Week! July 9 – 10th

mobilebeat-300x300.jpgNext week, at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel, the latest in mobile technology, design, and application will go down at the 6th annual MobileBeat 2013.  Sponsored by VentureBeat, this year the focus is on building, deploying, managing complete mobile experiences.  The world of mobile is not only rising in popularity and cross-market importance but it’s becoming a cornerstone to smart business growth.  This year’s MobileBeat conference is bringing together a diverse crowd of designers and enthusiasts but also some big names in the business.

There seems to be a little bit of everything on this year’s agenda from mobile advertising to mobile gaming growth.  A few that caught our attention were:

  • Brands/Agencies: Mobile Advertising hell or heaven
  • Infrastructure/Cloud: Scale is beautiful, but implementation is key
  • Wearables by design: Welcome to the post-smartphone era

Touting over 500 executives in planned attendance at the conference, MobileBeat could be a hotspot for networking and potential partnerships.  A few of the well-known names on the speaker’s list include:

  • Young Sohn :: President & Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung
  • Jeremy Stoppelman :: CEO & Co-Founder, Yelp
  • Lee Linden :: Product Lead, Facebook

One of the most interesting aspects to this conference is the competition known as the MobileBeat 2013 Innovation Showdown.  VentureBeat has pared down a long list to ten mobile startup applicants to present their product live, in five minutes, at the conference.  Besides some great exposure, the winner will grab 5,000 American Airline points, a coaching session with a venture capitalist firm, and a feature on VentureBeat.