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What Do You Get When You Mix Neon Roots and Snoop Dogg? Snoopify, That’s What.

At our Los Angeles mobile app development shop, we love working with small, innovative startups. But we also like working with the big dogs, and dogs don’t get any bigger than Snoop. We partnered with the Doggfather and the Cashmere Agency to release Version 3.30 of the hit mobile app, Snoopify.

You can download the app at iTunes:

Snoop Dogg, in association with Neon Roots and Cashmere Agency, presents the Snoopify mobile app for photo editing and sharing. Decorate your photos with never-before-seen graphics and artwork from Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, 7 Days of Funk, and much more.

The June 13 update took the already popular iOS app to another level. Previous incarnations have already been profiled in TechCrunch where they called it “The Greatest Mobile Photobombing App Of All Time.”


TechCrunch continued, “The opportunities on mobile are continuing to prove endless, and for someone as creative as Snoop, even a little mobile icon can represent the largest of sandboxes. Of course, not every artist can go to the lengths that Snoop went to in developing and promoting his mobile app, but of the ones who do have this luxury, Snoop’s foray into the app store was a brilliant move, complete with a built-in revenue model, a platform for showcasing his brand, and artfully blending some of the biggest trends in consumer mobile behavior we have all collectively observed. Well played, Snoop — well played.”

The app also got major TV coverage when Snoop appeared on CONAN and Snoopfied O’Brien.

How Did Neon Roots Make Snoopify Even Wilder?

Our team was brought in to create new designs, new stickers, and to make the app kick ass in ways even the previous versions couldn’t. To do that we enlisted the skills of Neon Roots master developer Mojo, who created all new designs and animations for the latest version of the app.

This included a tie-in with the upcoming Universal Pictures release of TED 2.

So head to the official site. Download the app. Snoopify your pics. And add a little Snoop Dogg to your life.




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