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Losing Weight With Augmented Reality

Professor Michitaka Hirose of the University of Tokyo has developed augmented reality technology that affects the way the brain interprets food choices and could lead to losing weight.  Professor Hirose’s team created headgear that shifts the eater’s experience using augmented sensory information.

Experiments were conducted using augmented reality to alter the perceived images of the foods in different sizes. Through these experiments, Hirose was able to produce data that shows the levels of satisfaction were different depending on the implied size of the food.

According to the Canadian newspaper, The Province, experiments show that eaters consumed nearly 10% less when the biscuits they were eating visually appeared 50% larger than they actual were.  Results also showed that eaters ate 15% more when cookies were projected to appear two-thirds smaller.

Hirose also developed augmented reality technology that uses images and smells to trick the eater into believing the food they were consuming was more exciting and flavorful than it actual was.  A plain biscuit was believed to be a chocolate cookie by 80% of the eaters.

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