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Learn About One Of Our Newest Products: Neon Vault!

2012 was a great year for the team here at Rootstrap. One of the projects we focused on was a set of internal administrative applications. In short, when it came to things like tracking hours, or storing passwords, we grew tired of relying on admin tools that didn’t quite sync up with our workflow. And after spending months trying to manipulate different programs to work for us, we thought, why not just build our own custom programs from scratch?

One year and three internal administrative tools later, we no longer suffer from the headaches caused by an application that was built for everyone—not for us.

One of these tools is Neon Vault, a password storage application that’s both intuitive and secure.

Neon Vault stores your all of your team’s passwords in one application. Don’t want every team member seeing all your passwords? Neither do we. That’s why Vault’s passwords are arranged by project or user type, then each group of passwords can have team members assigned to it. This way, each team member has access to all the passwords they need, and only the passwords they need.

Neon Vault can be hooked to your team’s email accounts, so all users can be pre-loaded into the application. To keep passwords secure, Vault is completely transparent—every action on the app is logged. And in case you’re stuck coming up with a password…it comes with a password generator.

But the best part about Neon Vault? We can design one for you! Your very own password storage application. It can be designed and customized to your exact specifications, and we’ll teach you how to use it (though it won’t take you long to learn).

To learn more about Neon Vault, or having a custom Vault designed and developed for your team, contact us today!

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