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Is It Time To Redesign Your Website?

As technology moves forward and tastes change, companies are racing to make sure their websites meet customer demand. And with users accessing the Internet from multiple devices and an endless amount of screen sizes, the design game has evolved to match customer needs. Websites aren’t just changing in the way they look, but their whole functionality is undergoing a complete overhaul.  Have you updated or redesigned your website recently? If not, it might mean you’re in need of a serious website redesign proposal.

Below are some questions to ponder to help you figure out if it’s time for a redesign. Remember, if you already have a website, the hard part is over—it just might be time to make it better.

Three Screens Are Better Than One

Does your website look good on a laptop? What about on a smart phone? And a tablet? If your website isn’t responsive, it might be time to redesign your website. The world has gone mobile, and many, many people are surely browsing your site while on the go. Your website should move seamlessly between Smartphone and 32 inch television screen. The number of screens with which we view the Internet is only going to increase, as are the number of users viewing your website through multiple devices. The sooner your website is responsive, the better.

Is it Fast?

Yes, people’s attention spans are diminishing with each passing year, but a fast website means a lot more than just satisfying the finicky. The fastest websites are fast for a reason: because they’re simple (and they were well developed, but that should be a given). Simple websites are in! Nobody wants to hear your favorite college anthem play while they view your site anymore. Today, web design is making the simple incredibly aesthetic. And, a website that loads fast does so because it has less to load. With so many users viewing your site through mobile devices, you’ll want to make your site as lean as possible. Not everyone is on an unlimited data plan you know.

Does Your Site…Not Work?

It might be hard to believe (for the non-web professional at least) but A LOT of websites have functions that simply do not work. Pages that lead to error messages, buttons that do nothing, or a typo in the web copy all tell a potential customer that you’re not serious enough about yourself to take ownership over what might be your only portal to the outside world. The good news is that most of these errors can be fixed relatively quickly and easily.