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InsideAR 2013 : Augmented Reality Conference

InsideAR-2013-795x400InsideAR 2013 is an annual augmented reality conference and it kicks off next week in Munich! The conference will cover some of the latest developments in the emerging field of AR including wearable augmented reality devices, AR in the realm of the consumer experience, and augmented reality in the automotive industry.  The last category is set to debut a new AR system from Volkswagen known as the Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance, or MARTA.  The purpose of VW’s new AR system will be to quickly and accurately pinpoint repairs using 3D technology and then display the functions and steps for each part displayed.  Mercedes-Benz will also be at the conference presenting a new AR navigation system for their cars in a seminar entitled “Cruising the Augmented City: In-Vehicle Infotainment”.

InsideAR 2013 will also have a large focus on wearable technology.  The agenda is showing a number of lectures on smart glasses including a seminar callled “World’s First AR Browser on Google Glass”.  The second day of the 2-day conference will concentrate more on the customer experience of augmented reality with topics such as AR marketing, integration, and the possible uses of augmented reality in government and education systems.

There’s still time to register and catch a plane to Munich!  Check out the conference site for details including the agenda and list of speakers.