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Hacking With Samy Kamkar And Mobile Magic

Always on the lookout for the next big thing, we had a day of discovery at Neon Roots. We met with our good buddy and master hacker, Samy Kamkar, and we also played around with Magic. What did we learn that day? Samy is magic.

Hanging out with Samy is always an experience. On his latest visit he showed us how to pop a Master lock in a matter of seconds.


Then, we tried out Magic which promises to be the next mobile service to blow users’ minds.

According to Magic’s website:

We have trained operators standing by 24/7 to answer every one of your requests. Send us a text message, and we’ll get you what you want. We’ll order what you need from the appropriate service (e.g. DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates, etc.), and deal with them so you just automatically get what you want, like magic…


Sound crazy? We thought so, too. So we gave it a whirl.

It seems like the real deal and has already been profiled by major sources like TechCrunch and Business Insider. TechCrunch said, “There are other texting services out there, but none that matches this sort of promise for literally anything. Cloe is a texting service that runs on AI and will deliver food for you, but won’t make reservations or bring you, say, a tiger (I asked). Ethan is a texting AI that doesn’t fulfill requests. He just texts you back. Magic is run entirely by humans. The person on the other end seemed insulted when I asked if they were a robot.” And Business Insider added, “Simply texting Magic is free, however, and Magic will always give you a firm price that includes a tip before placing your order. The first time you order something with Magic you’ll be sent a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS link that will take you to an online form to submit your credit-card details (that way you’re not texting them your credit-card number). Payment processing is handled by Stripe, which means Magic doesn’t store your payment info in its system.”

Is it the real deal or just an illusion? Try it yourself.


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