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Greetings from Uruguay!

The Rootstrap team has dual headquarters in Los Angeles and Montevideo, Uruguay.  This is the Montevideo team writing in to be a part of the Rootstrap blog!  We have been working hard here in Montevideo especially on the Pick5 project.  Juan, Oscar and Santiago have been really focused on the development of that site and we were all excited to get the first version out in time for March Madness.

While we are over 6,000 miles from our Los Angeles team members, we work closely with them everyday and wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to our blog readers.  We love what we do and are darn good at it (if we are allowed to say so ourselves!). So here’s a quick meet-and-greet with our core team:



Juan Peon is one of our oldest team members and a talented programmer.  He’s also married with three boys and a dog.





Clara Osorio is the Office Manager/Assistant Director and lives with Oscar, her boyfriend, and their two dogs.





Oscar is a programmer on our core team and lives with Clara and their two dogs.





Mojo, aka Santiago Mollajoli, is a top notch designer and has just recently tied the knot with his long time girlfriend. They share their home with their 2 dogs and 2 rabbits.




Matías Verges has a dual role as a programmer and Office Director in Montevideo.





Our newest member is Iuval Goldansky. He is a programmer and finishing his degree in Engineering.





The youngest member of our team is Gabriel Osorio but don’t let that fool you. He might be the youngest but he is the tallest at 190 cms (6’2″). He is a 22 year old programmer.


One thing that keeps us going during these busy times are the wonderful meals that Chef Matías Díaz prepares for us on Fridays. We have been treated to all sorts of tasty things and he always prepares two options since three of us are vegetarians.  Take a look at some of the meals he has made us and get a peek of the Montevideo office here.

Cheers from Uruguay!