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GQ Goes Live With Augmented Reality

Men’s style magazine, GQ, has announced it will break new ground by going live with its September 2012 issue.  In a press release, GQ stated, “As we’ll be announcing later today, the September issue of GQ will be “live,” meaning every advertisement, and some of the editorial content will feature print-to-mobile capabilities; opening up a whole world of bonus content.”

Using augmented reality technology, GQ will release a free mobile app that when pointed at specific pages in the magazine will launch 3D video, animation, or interactive content. The GQ app will bypass the need for a QR code which has been frowned upon by the publishing world for its unfriendly design and less than fashionable aesthetic features.  The GQ augmented reality app will also hook into social media, allowing users to click through to their social profiles.

Integrating augmented reality with fashion and publishing changes the way content is being created and viewed.  Not only is the amount of content increasing but it will be specifically targeted to mobile users.  It also opens up a new field in advertising that melds technology and creativity even further.  As the publisher of GQ added, “Advertisers can get as ambitious as they want with this and it’ll be fun to see all the different executions.”

The GQ Live app will be available on August 21.