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Google Handwrite Search Feature

There are three main ingredients in augmented reality: app, mobile device, and target.  So we keep an eye on the quickly developing field of mobile technology because we don’t want to miss a thing.  This morning Google snuck in a quiet announcement on its blog.  Users can now search Google on their mobile devices by handwriting in search queries using their finger and the mobile screen.  We’re pretty excited about this new feature and the reviews that are giving it the thumbs up.

Here’s how to get up and running with the new handwriting tool from Google.

Enable the new Handwrite feature:

1) Go to on your mobile device.
2) Go to “Settings” at the bottom of the screen for smartphones and behind the gear icon for tablets.
3) Turn on “Handwrite”.
4) Save and refresh the search page.

Once you’ve adjusted your settings, tap the Handwrite icon in the bottom right section of the screen.  You’re ready to go.  The best part about this new search feature is that you can write anywhere on the screen.  Once you start writing, a few autocomplete choices will pop up just like when you type a search into Google.  If you see what you’re looking for, click away.  If not, just keep writing.

According to the Google blog, Handwriting has been enabled for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets.

Creative Commons Metallic ballpen tips / biro Ballpen Ballpoint pen in silver with handwritten random blue text on quad-ruled paper” by photosteve101 is licensed under CC BY 2.0