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From Our Portfolio: StackSocial

Fresh from the pages of our portfolio is the StackSocial website.  We wanted to showcase the site we built for StackSocial because it was guided by the belief that websites should be accessible and easy to navigate.  We couldn’t agree more.  What good is a website if users get frustrated and bail on the homepage?  At Rootstrap, we stand behind clean code and design.  StackSocial is a great example of this collaboration.

StackSocial partners with indie developers and designers to produce unique and exclusive sales. Their mission is to scour the web for the best of the best and deliver those products to tech enthusiasts everywhere with a discount ranging up to 90% off retail. With a such a diverse following, we wanted to create a site that presented the essential facts at first glance.  Customers want to know: what’s the product being offered and how how much does it cost.  So we presented the featured item on the homepage, above the fold.  Other sale items were easy to find and browse below the fold in two vertical columns.  Rootstrap also established the intuitive site-wide shopping cart system.

Simple and effective design that delivers the mission of the company to each visitor.