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Free SEO Guide and Digital Marketing Tips from Rootstrap

At Rootstrap, we create, develop, and expand the online presence for businesses large and small.  Sometimes that work takes the form of a complete website re-build that is streamlined and responsive while at other times, it’s a customized augmented reality app for an inaugural event.  With all of our projects, the goal is always focused on our clients’ success.  We don’t just deliver a product, we stick around to make sure it integrates and adds value to that company’s vision.

SEO and digital marketing are two areas of an online presence that can add tremendous value to a company’s reputation, exposure, and sales.  The problem is SEO and digital strategy are flooded with confusing and conflicting tactics.  We wanted to simplify this cornerstone of virtual life for our clients so we created a straightforward guide that makes the basic principles accessible and includes actions steps to get started in improving your website’s ranking and traffic flow.

The Rootstrap Digital Marketing Starter Guide breaks down the tangled world of search engine optimization, social media, and blogging.  We point you towards free tools that are available to gather important data about your website and your industry’s presence on the web.  We also include practical steps that could immediately be implemented such as developing a blogging calendar and clear goal-setting for your SEO strategy.

This guide has never been available to the general public before so we are happy to release it here to our readers and fans.  We hope the Rootstrap Digital Marketing Starter Guide makes your life easier and your business more visible and successful. Download your free copy here: