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Feedback Emoji Launches, Gives Users A Reason To Smile

Since cavemen first scratched the image of a bison onto a rock with another rock, people have been communicating through pictures. We’ve come a long way since 38,000 BCE, swapping out scenes of grand antelope hunts for the poop emoji 💩.  Jokes aside, the emoji has become a highly streamlined, instantaneous way to convey mood. And the best part? It’s a universal language. That’s why we created Feedback Emoji, a way for companies to effortlessly capture user feedback.

The Origin Of The Emoji

So we know that pictures have played a part in language since its inception. Pictures entering the realm of digital communication is a bit more of a recent phenomenon, howevver. The emoticon came first when in September of 1982, Scott Fahlman expressed a smile with a simple combination of symbols and characters. : – )

It’s probably best described by Denzel Washington in the 1995 sci-fi thriller VIRTUOSITY.

It wouldn’t be until 1998 that the emoji as we know it would be invented by Shigetaka Kurita while working at a Japanese mobile communication company called DoCoMo. Kurita created a way to send small icons using limited data and a new fad was quickly born. The original emojis were crude…


…but in the decades that followed, emojis would be able to express complex emotions through a variety of simple expressions. Now Feedback Emoji is using the idea of simplifying complex experiences to help businesses better connect with users.

What Is Feedback Emoji?

Our new feedback tool was recently featured in an article by the Huffington Post. Titled “Do Your Users Frown or Smile? New Web Feedback Tool Lets You Find Out,” HuffPost spoke with Feedback Emoji product manager Abe Storey. He said of the new tool, “Emojis are a ubiquitous medium for expressing how we feel. They’re the perfect language for companies to capture user feedback without being intrusive. How often do you enjoy telling a website what you’re thinking? Feedback Emoji makes giving feedback fun for users – and getting it easy for companies.”

By adding a simple JavaScript snippet to your site, you can start getting immediate feedback from your users through the simple click of a series of emojis. Instead of feeling the need to write a lengthy review of your site or product, which many users would opt out of, they’re empowered since giving feedback is as simple as responding to a long-winded text with a 👍.  Oh yeah… and it’s free. Forever.


Where Can I Get Feedback Emoji?

You can go direct to the source at or see what people are saying at Product Hunt.

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